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Contract-to-Post-Close … What to Expect


TC will gather any missing signatures, proof all documents, upload all documents to the compliance system, draft amendments, and ensure compliance so the Agent gets paid on time!


Timeline/Minimizing Risk

TC will coordinate/manage the transaction from binding agreement to post-close. This will include sending intros to all parties, reminders for buyers/sellers (via text and email), coordinate inspections, deposits, appraisals, ordering of HOA letters (if applicable), sending calendar invites for important dates to buyer/seller and agents, ordering title, ensuring lender, attorney, and co-op Agent are completing all activities in a timely manner, generally communicating and making sure nothing is missed. 



TC will track and relay status with the lender and attorney to make sure the loan and title are satisfactory. Agent will have access to a portal with key dates, documents, tasks completed and yet to be completed. 


Closing Preparation 

TC will make sure buyer/seller has closing scheduled, any calendar invites are updated with the location, time and closing attorney information, walkthrough is scheduled, coordinate keys to be at closing, get commission instructions distributed, submit and distribute the disbursement authorization so the Agent gets paid! 


Contract-to-Post-Close Checklist 


● Review Contract and check for missing documents, initials and signatures

● Obtain missing documents and/or signatures

● Upload contract and all contract related documents to your office's platform according to company procedure

● Send introduction email with important dates and deadlines to all parties within 48 hours of binding agreement date

● Send updates/reminders to buyers/sellers via email and/or text

● Track important dates and deadlines (EM, DD, etc.)

● Track and confirm Earnest Money / Send proof to all parties

● Confirm receipt of option fee (if applicable) 

● Send complete Contract to all appropriate parties (Agents, Attorneys, Lender, etc.)

● Order inspections, home warranties if required

● Obtain appraisal and distribute


● Send/request utility list

● Coordinate, monitor important deadlines & Inspection reports

● Draft/gather signatures/disperse instructions to closing attorney

● Send distribution authorization to attorney prior to close

● Verify all documents received by all parties and clear to close

● Coordinate/Schedule Closing and notify all parties

● Request Settlement Statement, upload to your office's platform

● Confirm title ordered

● Confirm wiring instructions / Confirm wire received

● Confirm funding and close

● Confirm deed was recorded 

● Request termite inspection and send to appropriate parties if required

● Submit all FMLS forms required (notice of contract, notice of closing)

● Request reviews 


Additional Services Included


● Signature to match Agent’s brand - to be used on all correspondence during transactions

● Sending buyers/sellers email OR text updates with important reminders 

● Providing buyers/sellers a portal where they can access important documents, dates and participants (with contact information)

● Providing Agent’s & their clients a portal where they can access important information for all transactions 

● Personalized templates for Agent:

* Utility sheet (typeable PDF)

* Walk-through checklist/reminder (text and email)

* Closing day checklist/reminder (text and email) 

Listing Management… What to Expect

Basic Listing Management Checklist 


  • Obtain listing input form from listing Agent

  • Sending ‘listing checklist’ email to sellers to gather listing documents (optional)

  • Listing setup in FMLS/GAMLS - which includes description, showing instructions

  • Add disclosures to FMLS/GAMLS and Showingtime 

  • Upload photos to listing

  • Add any open house information 

  • Set up Showingtime with instructions from Agent

  • Upload all listing documents for compliance 

  • Send listing to Agent for approval prior to making live

  • Send listing to Seller prior to making live

  • Mark as coming soon or active

  • Check all 3rd party sites for accuracy 

  • Send documents for signature as needed

  • Verify listing is on Agent’s website (if applicable) 

  • Change listing status as needed and close out listing

  • Submit all documents to Brokerage for compliance 

Ready to Get Started?

Start by filling out the intake form below. This will ensure we have all the information we need to get started when you are under contract. Existing Agents, please use the Listing Input Form and Offer Form provided below. 

Once you fill out this form we will be able to hit the ground running when you go under contract!

Ready for us to help with your listing? Fill out this form to get started. 

Need us to write an offer? Fill out this form and we will send you the offer. You are required to approve and send the offer after completion. 

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